MRP: 199/- NET QT.: 200 ml.

Liver Cure protects liver and helps in its regeneration. It protects the liver from side effects of antibiotics. It is effective in treating liver dysfunction due to excessive alcohol consumption. It helps in improving appetite.

How it works?
Liver Cure have many uses and are linked to several benefits. Here are some benefits:
The syrup detoxifies the body making the system work in full function.
Liver Cure Syrup works as a stimulant for digestion and has a healthy body and mind. Fortifies the liver negating the effects of oily and junk foods.
Prevents and cures jaundice and other liver problems.
Liver Cure Syrup revitalizes the liver, protects the loss of functional integrity of the cell membrane and ensures early restoration of hepatocytes in various hepatic disorders.

Ingredients: Febrifugo-1, Yellow Electricity Sacrofloso-1, Sacrofloso-5, Consoroso-5, White Electricity, Sugar Base Syrup
Dosage: Adults: 2-3 Teaspoonful thrice a day before meal. Children: 1 Teaspoonful thrice a day.

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