MRP: 199/- NET QT.: 200 ml.

Stone-D Cure is commonly used for kidney stones and its prevention. Stone-D Cure ingredients act on almost all types of stones, help dissolving the stones, and flush out the stone gravel through the urine.

How it works?
Stone-D Cure Syrup works well in following types of stones.
Calcium Stones Uric Acid Stones Phosphate Stones
Burning Micturition Bladder stones Calcium Oxalate Stones
Stone-D Cure syrup can also be used in Pediatric urolithiasis. In children, it is best syrup based preparation available in the market for kidney stones.

Ingredients: Berberis Spg., Aconitum Spg., ConiumSpg., Aqua Based Spagyric
Dosage: Three Table spoonful Thrice a Day.

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